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B. B. Kristopher's LJ

Because I like to babble on other people's comments section

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Brian B. Kristopher is a former actor, costume designer and software engineer. A victim of the Dot Com craze, he now whimpers in terror at the very thought of getting another IT job.

Currently, he is working on a degree in physics.

Brian currently resides near Atlanta, Georgia with his girlfriend, proofreader, editor and occasional co-author, She Who Must Be Obeyed (Katherine Mankiller to her friends), their six cats, Artemis, Apollo, Iphigenia, Hermes, Pan and Pandora.

His hobbies include arguing with Katherine over whether they should have Mexican or Chinese food, arguing with Persephone over whether he's allowed to sleep on the bed and arguing with Iphigenia and Pandora over whether she's allowed to eat the power cord on his laptop.

His greatest ambition is to someday win one of those arguments.